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Enjoy Cheeky Monkey Red & White Australian Wines

Have you ever been driven to distraction by wine snobs and their over-the-top analysis of how wine should taste? Let them try your Cheeky Monkey and show them how anybody can make a great wine with ATTITUDE!

Cheeky Monkey is a premium 10-litre, 4-week, country-of-origin wine kit that lets you get cheeky like the monkey, thumbing your nose at the traditionalist and following your own path to great wines!

Choose Cheeky Monkey and make everyone take notice!

Kit Information

Labels: Included

Completed: 4 weeks

Volume: 10 litres / 2.64 US Gal

Red Wines

Australian "Sure Az" (Shiraz) ACE! The ‘BLOKES’ will love it! Here’s a wine that all your ‘mates’ will be begging you for! Shiraz is what Aussie wine is all about: big and bold! Shiraz, like the “Land Down Under” is dry and intense with lots of ATTITUDE! This wine has flavours of plums, black berries and black currants that are complemented by a peppery finish, which is a result of the addition of toasted oak.

White Wines

CRIKEY! NO WOOD! No worries, this great white will have all the ‘Sheilas’ wanting to get Cheeky!! This wine is a true reflection of the climate it comes from. Chardonnay’s many unique flavours are enhanced by the rich red soils and warm Aussie sun. You will enjoy hints of apple, pineapple and tropical fruit.

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