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Kenridge Showcase Wines in the Peachland, BC Area

Distinctive Style and Elegance. Celebrating Extraordinary Wines from Around The Globe

KenRidge Showcase features wines of extraordinary elegance and sophistication from the most celebrated and acclaimed wine-producing countries around the world. Each ultra-premium kit will create a wine that is distinctive, showcasing unique characteristics produced by the specific terrior and climatic conditions of the country of origin. KenRidge Showcase world renowned varietals and superior blends can be served proudly to family and friends and will stimulate the palates of the most discerning wine connoisseurs. Professionally designed self-adhesive labels are included.

Kit Information

Labels: Included

Completed: 6 weeks

Volume: 16 litres / 4.22 US Gal

Red Wines

Australian Cabernet / Shiraz

Australian Cabernet / Shiraz is a rich, full-bodied wine that evokes ripe fruits, such as plum and blackberry, as well as a spicy nose and silky tannins complemented by toasted oak. Includes premium American toasted oak and elderberries.

Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

A rich, full-bodied wine with silky tannins, ripe black fruit and oak, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon offers a deep ruby colour with black currant, eucalyptus and cedar nose. Includes premium American oak.

Chilean Merlot

Wonderfully soft, with slightly sweet black berry fruit aromas and flavours, this wine has a lush rich texture and is nicely balanced. A great sipping wine, it includes premium American toasted oak.

Australian Shiraz

Big, dry and intense is the best way to describe this Australian red. The slightly spicy dry wine with white peppery bouquet has intense flavours of black currants, black berries and plums. Includes premium American oak.

French Cabernet Sauvignon

This small, thick-skinned grape is known as one of the top red wine grape varieties of the world and makes a serious red wine. Dark in colour and rich in tannin, this wine is brimming with black currant and plum flavours. The richness of vanilla and cedar wood are produced with the addition of oak. This is a wine worthy of aging.

French Merlot

A medium-bodied wine with the rich juicy flavours of red berries, plum and black pepper, this wine includes premium American regular and toasted oak.

Argentine Malbec

A hardy red wine with characteristics of black berries, licorice and spices on the nose and the palate, Argentine Malbec can be enjoyed at release or put aside to age for several months. Includes premium American toasted oak.

Italian Amarone

Almost black in colour and with a nose of spice, tar and dried berries, Italian Amarone offers the rich flavours of dried fruit and prunes typical of wines made from dried grapes. Includes premium Hungarian oak.

New Zealand Pinot Noir

This is an elegant, medium bodied red wine with good structure and understated tannins. Look for raspberry, sour cherry, red plum and smoky notes on the nose and a fabulously round finish. Includes premium un-toasted oak.

White Wines

South African Chenin Blanc

Nearly a third of vines planted in South Africa are Chenin Blanc, where it is also called Steen. Chenin Blanc produces a wine that is a very pale straw colour, boasting a nose of lemon-grass, melon and floral aromas with a slight kiss of honey. It is a dry, medium bodied white wine with crisp acidity and a clean citrus finish.

Italian Pinot Grigio

This wine is dry, crisp and fresh with a gentle floral bouquet. Subtle tropical fruit flavours are complemented by hints of spice. Light and elegant, this wine is perfect to enjoy with a meal or all on its own.

Australian Chardonnay

A full-bodied, rich and creamy Chardonnay with flavours of ripe apple, pineapple and tropical fruit, the addition of oak complements the wine with complex characteristics, including butter, oak, butterscotch and vanilla. Includes premium American oak.

French Sauvignon Blanc

A refreshing light to medium bodied white wine with fresh herb, grass and delicate smoke on the nose, as well as flavours of melon, green apple and mineral notes. Includes premium American regular and toasted oak.

German Gewurztraminer

Perfume notes of floral and spice are very typical of this varietal with plenty of tropical fruit and a touch of sweetness on the palate. Includes Sweet Reserve Pack. Dryness code (2) with Sweet Reserve.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

A classic racy and flavourful New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with gentle aromas of fresh cut grass with gooseberry, asparagus, passion fruit, melon and citrus notes. Many of these aromas are carried through to the palate. Please enjoy this refreshing wine young.

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